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For starters, I think the selection of characters is very appealing, apart from the exclusion of Adeline from Sakurai's own Kirby serie...


MikexLucy Doodles
The last, so far, of the pairing strips drawn during Bittersweet Candy Bowl's request streams. Polled the audience and got Mike/Lucy. Hoooooooh boy, I sure treated THAT subject matter with the gravitas it warranted!

The series:
DaisyxPaulo Doodles
The second of my pairing doodle comics for Bittersweet Candy Bowl. This time I drew one of Suit's favorite pairings.
Paulo's last line is something I say to ladies sometimes for a giggle.

Once again, comic link, is good, read:
LucyxAugustus Doodles
I have a new tradition where during Bittersweet Candy Bowl's bi-monthly request stream, I ask the creators/chat to pick a pairing for me to draw. This was the first, requested by Taeshi.

By the way, read the series, I love it, it's great.
Been a while. Apparently I deleted all my previous journals?
I'm not on here all that much, I haven't been producing anything worth putting up here.
Been working on some things though, and I think I might be getting ready to launch a comic strip.

To be totally honest, every other day I change my mind about whether I should, whether it's the best foot to put forward, but it's the only series I actually feel prepared to launch (more or less), and I'm tired of not doing anything. I want to tell a story, a big one, and sitting on a bunch of ideas doesn't help with that. Drawing and posting makes that happen.

Maybe it'll die off like my last couple series, but if I'm lucky, it'll take off and someday soon I'll have a completed project under my belt. If it dies in the water, well, I do have a plan B comic in store, so I can just jump right into that. Either way, I need to get my story on before I wind up Giles Coreyed by creative indecision.

The strip will be a 4-panel storyline-based series. As much as I like full pages, I don't have a ton of free time, and I tend to get winded when doing comic-book layouts for weeks and weeks. It'll be heavily inspired by video games but not a "gamer comic" or a fancomic. I'm thinking of putting it up on ComicFury, and reposting certain strips here. Might put the whole first chapter on DA. I'll make sure I link to the series when it starts, in another journal post here. In the meantime, I'll see about putting some concepts here on DA.

Once I have a buffer I'm going to try running it with updates every Monday/Wednesday/Friday night. If I can keep that up I might shoot for every weeknight; never held a real update schedule before and I can't be sure how it'll go. With the short format and the simple art style I'm planning, it shouldn't be impossible.

I need to produce a few assets, like the aforementioned buffer but also a logo/banner, maybe some buttons and other little things, but I'm aiming to launch it soon-ish. Here's hopin'.
A Vampire Goes To The Beach
Part of a birthday package I'm shipping to a spectacular lady tomorrow, who has a great affinity for spooky bloodsuckers.
"May you never be held back by any limit."
I haven't painted anything in ages. My last couple of attempts were in watercolour, but I decided to go with acrylic this time; partly so I could breathe easier, partly because it's a gift and I don't trust myself anymore not to ruin a watercolour. :/
As I was putting down the finishing touches, I thought to text her and ask, "What do you think of when you picture a vampire?" She told me, "poise, regality, mysterious dark beauty, etc." I paused, and replied with something like, "So, NOT a horrible palefaced deathmonster?"
Hope she likes it!


No journal entries yet.


Michael H. C. Archibald


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