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Super Smash Sisters by TheBourgyman

For starters, I think the selection of characters is very appealing, apart from the exclusion of Adeline from Sakurai's own Kirby serie...


Shantae and Bolo - Sparring (WIP) by MigBird
Shantae and Bolo - Sparring (WIP)
UPDATE: Colours are done. I'm not sure if all those little swooshies might be overdone, though. Something about the composition doesn't feel right, Idunno. Thoughts?

This is actually going to be the piece that goes into the new game, Half-Genie Hero, once it's finished. There's this subquest where you pick up fanart to view in a museum in-game. So yeah.
At some point in the series (going light on spoilers here), Shantae loses her genie powers for a while, and only has her magic hair to fight with. I wanted to include Bolo in my piece since I really like that character, so I drew him sparring with Shantae, helping her brush up on her CQC to make up for the loss of her powers.
Play this series. If you have a 3DS, all three games are available to you right now in the eShop. And Half-Genie Hero is coming out soon on current and last gen consoles, Vita, and Steam (I'm getting it on Wii U myself), and is shaping up to be the best in the series by far. If you like Metroidvania platformers, have a look at the Shantae games. I adore them.
In fact, I recommend giving anything with the WayForward logo on it a look-see. Nobody makes 2D action games like they do.
Good Times - CANCELLED, OOPS by MigBird
Did this about a week before deciding that Good Times, in its current form, isn't going to continue. There are a couple of reasons for that, but I won't get into it. I DO want to tell this story, but I need to solve some problems first.
But anyway, here's what might have been. I was planning on dropping the black and white four-panel stuff for larger, coloured, comic-book-style pages starting from chapter 2, but in the end decided I wanted colour. And then decided not to do it at all WELP.
Super Smash Sisters by TheBourgyman
For starters, I think the selection of characters is very appealing, apart from the exclusion of Adeline from Sakurai's own Kirby series. But the inclusion of Lip was a pretty clever idea, and on a personal level, I was rooting for Krystal to appear in Smash 4, so I'm happy to see someone else appreciates her!
I adore your big, complicated pieces, and this is a perfect example of why. You're exceptionally good at arranging these character collages; both in terms of functional positioning and in making all the elements varied and lively. And of course, as a fan, you know where to place these characters in the picture and how to portray them, which gives it an extra feel of authenticity.
Speaking of which, I always felt your lighthearted, somewhat pretty cartoon style was perfect for portraying Nintendo characters. Your fanart is cheerful and fun, but the colouring and atmosphere gives it a small element of strange beauty, which to me sums up the feel of many Nintendo games.
I think it's very important to the impression your work makes that you draw in such a fun cartoon style, but always in great detail. It's great that you put thought into the way characters move and pose, and small but effective tricks like placing Peach's fist and Samus's hand a bit further toward the camera to make an impact.
You clearly spend a lot of time detailing the characters and their costumes, and one thing I love about your art is your attention to lighting, which always seems to play a big part in your work.
What this adds up to is a piece of art that feels both whimsical and organic. I feel as if I'm looking at a character herself, and not a piece of art.
Now, to touch on the negatives, I mentioned that leaving Adeline out was an odd choice, and choosing Lucina instead of leading lady Lyndis is too, considering she starred in the first NA release of Fire Emblem, and so is pretty important to the series and the company's history!
I actually have very little to say about flaws, aside from this: The hands are rather hit and miss. It's strange, because some of them look very natural and it's clear you've put thought and practice into how you draw hands. But a few came out looking a little off, particularly on Amy and Palutena. Of course, hands are notoriously hard to draw. There's no advice I can give an artist so above my level, but given that it's the only real flaw here, I felt it should be pointed out. Unnatural-looking faces and body parts tend to show through and distract from even the most impressive artwork.
That's all I've got to say. What you've got here is absolutely grand I'm looking forward to your next piece as always. Keep doing what you do, Bourgy!
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First, go watch the video my mates and I worked on for a year and a half:…
I did the music, sounds, and many of the voices. It was time consuming, and a learning experience, and also kinda fun!
NEXT! I HAVE A TUMBLR! With DETAILS ON A NEW COMIC! So that's something:
Follow me there if you want to keep up with comic-related updates, since I'm finding I prefer their system over DA journals.
So! Two posts in, top of the page as of this writing, I have sketches and notes from a new comic series I'm developing! It involves androids and the softest science this side of a liquefied LHC!
I know, I know, everyone's wondering about Ideopolis, right? And one or two of you maybe concerned about Good Times? Maybe? Sorta?
WELP. I've got a bunch of Ideo sketches waiting to go up as we speak, and certainly more to come, as I'm now inching out of the planning phases and starting to put together actual concept art. I've been doing a TON of work up in my brain trying to figure out how to rebuild the world of Ideopolis into something more cohesive, something I can tell a decent story in, and it's all coming together, albeit slowly.
So, for news regarding all of my future comic series, as well as assorted info and bits of art that won't be on DA, please head over to the new tumblr and follow me there. I'm not totally walking away from DA of course. But. Y'know.
Tumblr's easy. And simple.
So, go there, and stuff.
Peace out.


Michael H. C. Archibald
I'm a cartoonist, a blossoming comic author, a part-time composer, and an aspiring voice actor. I'm also a superhero fanboy, a lifelong gamer, and pretty much just a huge nerd all around.


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